Tips For Storing Large Furniture Correctly

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Tips For Storing Large Furniture Correctly

23 April 2015
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If you are moving out of your house and have to store just about everything in a storage unit, you need to be careful when storing your things, including your large furniture. Below are some tips on how to store the furniture correctly so everything will be in good shape when you get them out.

Choosing the Storage Unit

Because you are storing large furniture, try to find a unit that you can drive up to, or at least one that is on the ground floor. Check with the storage facility to see if they have carts or dollies to help you transfer the furniture from your truck to the unit if you are not working with a moving company.

The storage unit should also have climate control to reduce the humidity. Some storage facilities also use dehumidifiers in their units.

Disassemble Furniture

Take apart everything that you can to make it easier to move. If you have things that you cannot take apart, store these things in an upright position. For example, if you store a couch up on one end, the weight will not be distributed correctly and cause misshapen cushions.

Storing Large Furniture

Do not let the furniture rest on the floor. There may be moisture in the concrete that will cause mildew to grow on it.  Stack 2 X 4 or something else to lift them up. Do not put any type of plastic wrapping around the furniture, as it can seal in moisture. Instead, cover the furniture with a porous cloth, such as linen or cotton, to allow for good ventilation.

Storing Wood Furniture

If you have wood furniture, you have to store it a little differently. Wipe the wood down with furniture polish or an oil made for wood to keep it moisturized. This also puts a barrier on the wood to keep mold from forming on it .

Storing Mattresses

If you simply throw your mattresses into the storage unit without any protection, they are exposed to humidity, heat, and dust. Purchase large zippered storage bags that can cover the entire mattress. You should be able to find these bags at many home supply stores or furniture stores.

When choosing the storage units, make sure they are large enough to hold all your furniture. You may need to rent more than one, so rent them in advance for higher chances of getting them side by side. This will make it easier on you and/or the moving company when storing your things.

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