4 Top Winter Storage Options For Your Boat

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4 Top Winter Storage Options For Your Boat

5 August 2015
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Boat owners typically get a lot of use out of their boats in the summer, but winter is often a different story, particularly if you live in a region where winters are harsh. Boat owners in these areas must store their boats away for the winter and wait for warmer temperatures. This article looks at some of your best options for winter storage. 


One simple option is to keep your boat on your property and cover it with a tarp or cover. Various companies make covers for exactly this purpose. No matter what type of boat you have, you can easily find a cover that will fit securely and protect your boat from inclement weather. You will also need to decide how to ensure that your boat stays off the ground during storage. The two main options are setting it on a trailer or using jack stands. Both are solid choices. 


Another possibility is renting a slip, which is a slot in a dock or wharf, so the ship can stay on the water while it's in storage. Your rental costs will typically depend on the size of the boat, with larger boats having a higher rental fee. Rentals are generally on a monthly basis. The slip might have an overhead structure that covers your boat, depending on the particular marina you choose. 

Storage Facility

Many storage facilities offer boat storage. You usually have two types of storage from which to select:

  • Outdoor — The outdoor option is a good choice for large boats that will not fit inside an indoor storage space. Although the boat will remain outdoors, many facilities offer covered stalls where the boat is not exposed to rain or snow. Also, having the boat on a storage facility lot helps to deter thieves or vandals because most owners invest in onsite cameras and other security measures. 
  • Indoor — A great choice, if the storage facility has a space that can accommodate the size of your boat, is an indoor storage unit. These units are often climate controlled and offer your boat complete protection from winter weather. They are also extremely secure as your boat is locked away in its own separate unit. The only negative consideration is that indoor storage is usually more costly than outdoor. 

You have several excellent options available when deciding the best way to store your boat during the winter. The right choice for you depends on several factors, such as the size of your boat as well as your budget. Contact your local storage company, such as Epic Group Inc, to learn more.