Things To Double Check With The Movers To Avoid Additional Fees

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Things To Double Check With The Movers To Avoid Additional Fees

3 September 2015
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Hiring professional movers takes the physical work out of a move but doesn't take away the stress and emotional upset. While you can never completely get rid of these, knowing exactly how much the entire move is going to cost can greatly reduce them. When it comes to the moving company, here are some specific things you want to go over before getting a quote.

Exactly How Much Stuff You Have

You would be surprised at the amount of belongings your family has. While it might look all neat and fit in your current home, do not be deceived. The best thing to do is to have the movers come to your place and look things over. Make sure they look in all the drawers, cupboards and closets. Take them outside to see the toys, furniture and outdoor equipment. If you have a garage, basement and/or attic, have them look there too. It is easy to say you have a three bedroom house with an attic and carport. However, that does not really mean anything when it comes to packing and moving.

Large Items

Moving companies charge different fees for everything they do. If you have a large vase or grandfather clock that needs to be crated for the move, find out how much they are going to charge for that service. Anything of value that may need special treatment should be brought to their attention to avoid being surprised by the charge for that treatment after the move is complete.

Extra Insurance

While most quotes will include basic damage and loss insurance, if you have items that bring the total amount of your belongings over their basic coverage, you need to purchase extra protection. For example, basic insurance pays $0.60 per pound of your belongings. If you have 4,000 pounds of stuff, the basic coverage will pay out $2,400.00 if everything is lost or damaged. When you have a single piece of jewelry or art that is worth more than that, you will want to be sure to have added coverage. Have the company figure the additional insurance into the quote so you know what to expect to have to pay.

Don't get to your new home and find out you do not have enough to pay the movers. Talk with the professional moving company weeks before the move and make sure they come to the house before you have started packing. You do not want to have to worry the bill is going to be larger than the quote or that they will not release your belongings until you come up with the extra money. Ask about anything you are unsure of; it is always better to ask now than think they will not notice or charge you.