5 Ways To Recycle Your Old Moving Boxes

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5 Ways To Recycle Your Old Moving Boxes

8 September 2015
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When it comes to used moving boxes, they can be overwhelming. As you unpack them, they seem to be everywhere all at once. It helps if you have a plan for them once the move is done. Depending on how many moving boxes you have left over, there are quite a few possibilities for ways to recycle them.

Use a Box Broker

Many cities have companies now that specialize in buying up and reselling used moving boxes. They need boxes that are still in good condition, so if yours are not holding up all that well, they may not be good candidates. Regardless, it never hurts to get in touch with one of these brokerage companies and to ask about their criteria.

Give Them to the Kids

Kids can always use boxes. Whether they decide to build a fort or to do countless other things with them, the boxes will go to good use this way. Larger boxes can become a playroom, other smaller boxes make items that they can use inside the larger boxes. With the endless creativity of children, the sky is the limit.

Donate the Boxes

Agencies from food banks to libraries can always use boxes that are still in usable condition. Call several of these agencies and ask whether they can use your old boxes. You might be surprised just how many agencies would jump at the chance to take your old moving boxes off your hands.

Save Them

If you think you'll need them again anytime soon, it doesn't hurt to save your boxes if you have the room. Be sure to break them down and store them somewhere that they'll stay dry. Then, when you're ready to use them again, simply tape them back into shape. You can also let friends and family know that you have boxes stored away in case they need them for any purpose.

Compost Them

Gardeners are always looking for ways to reuse materials, and cardboard boxes are incredibly useful. One really effective use for old cardboard boxes is as a compost bin. The cardboard contains the compost while it breaks down, and then the box becomes a part of the compost itself. When they're ready for a new box, your composting friend merely needs to set out a new one. The good news is that by the time an older batch is used up, the box is likely to have been composted already.

When you're ready to set up your move, contact local movers, like Bekins Van Lines Inc. They have boxes, packing help, and the moving labor that you need to get from your old home to your new one without any trouble at all. Then, after you've finished you can use one of these methods to recycle your packing boxes.