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A few years ago, my employer asked me to move to a new city for work. I was honored that he thought of me, but disappointed to leave behind friends and family members. My anxiety grew when I realized that I would be faced with brand new coworkers and a new office. However, I decided to have a good attitude about it, and you wouldn't believe the difference it made in my life. It changed a drab, depressing move into an exciting change filled with adventure. I want you to check out these articles all about moving and storage. You never know, you might find tips that will make your next transition a breeze.


How To Pack Up Your Dorm Room For A Storage Unit

10 September 2015
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If you live far away from your family, chances are good that, when you go home for the summer, your parents are going to ask you to get a self-storage unit (from an outlet such as Allsafe & Storaway Self Storage) for the summer, rather than drive all the way to pick you up. This way, you can take all of your necessities in a suitcase or two and fly home. Read More …

Four Things That Should Never Go Into A Self Storage Facility

9 September 2015
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Self-storage facilities are a great help when you don't have adequate or appropriate storage facilities at home. For example, you can use such a facility to store your household items while renovating your place. However, this doesn't mean that you can store anything in a self-storage facility. There are many things that should never go into these facilities, and they include these four: People Few people would actually seek to store another person in a self-storage unit, but you may be tempted to live in one if you are down in your luck. Read More …

5 Ways To Recycle Your Old Moving Boxes

8 September 2015
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When it comes to used moving boxes, they can be overwhelming. As you unpack them, they seem to be everywhere all at once. It helps if you have a plan for them once the move is done. Depending on how many moving boxes you have left over, there are quite a few possibilities for ways to recycle them. Use a Box Broker Many cities have companies now that specialize in buying up and reselling used moving boxes. Read More …

Pack Like A Pro For An Easier Move

8 September 2015
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If you're moving house, you may have elected to save money on moving costs by packing and unpacking your belongings yourself, rather than having professional movers do it for you. That's a smart decision, if you know how to pack items so they won't get damaged or broken. Here are some tips on how to pack tricky household items so they make it to your new destination safely. Lamps Use heavy-duty boxes such as those you would use for dishes and other breakable items. Read More …

Moving Tips For Couples Coming From Two Different Homes

5 September 2015
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If you have just purchased a new home with your spouse-to-be, and you are both moving to this house from two separate locations, there are a few advance preparations you will both need to do so you are not overwhelmed with an abundance of duplicate items on moving day. Preparing your materials to move is a large process that can be simplified by relying on your spouse-to-be to help you with the sorting process. Read More …