Managing Two Homes In Two States: How Self Storage Can Help

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Managing Two Homes In Two States: How Self Storage Can Help

4 April 2015
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One of the biggest problems with owning a home in one state and buying a home in another is figuring out where your belongings are supposed to go. If you have no intentions of selling the first house, but there are things there that you want to take with you, it is hard to decide that without moving your belongings somewhere in between the two homes. If you plan to sell, but your real estate agent wants your furniture to stay for staging purposes, some of it still has to go into storage to minimize a cluttered look. Here is how self storage can help you in similar situations.

When It Does Not Fit

The biggest problem you will probably encounter is finding out that your favorite sofa does not fit through the front or back door of your second house or it is too large for the intended space. When you choose to put it in storage, you have time to measure the width of your doors and the sofa before you move it all the way over to the second house in the next state. This applies to any piece of furniture that you want to take with you but you are not sure how well it will fit with the other house. Self storage helps you separate the chaff from the wheat, so to speak, and then you know what furniture you can leave behind in the first house and what you can take to put in the second house.

When You Are Constantly Relocating

Despite your best-laid plans to put down roots, your employer keeps relocating you. If most of your furniture is already in a self storage unit, then you do not have to concern yourself with moving everything all over the country. You take the most basic pieces with you and leave the rest in storage until you know that you are going to be in one place for more than six months or a year. Keeping two or more houses stocked with furniture you recognize helps you feel as though you are home, even if you are constantly moving.

When One House Is a Business and the Other Is Home

Sometimes people open a bed and breakfast establishment in one state, but their personal home is in another. Although you could bring some of your own furniture into the B&B, you would still need someplace to store the extra B&B furniture then. In this case, it is important to keep business and personal items separate for the sake of business itemization and insurance, so having a self storage unit really helps manage both of your homes.

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