Moving Tips For Couples Coming From Two Different Homes

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Moving Tips For Couples Coming From Two Different Homes

5 September 2015
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If you have just purchased a new home with your spouse-to-be, and you are both moving to this house from two separate locations, there are a few advance preparations you will both need to do so you are not overwhelmed with an abundance of duplicate items on moving day. Preparing your materials to move is a large process that can be simplified by relying on your spouse-to-be to help you with the sorting process. Here are some tips for the two of you to look through in an attempt to make your move a little less chaotic.

Create A Checklist

Look for a sample wedding registry online and print out two checklists of the items most people receive as gifts. Give one of these to your spouse-to-be. Each of you should check off the appliances you already have in your possession and compare the lists together.

If there are items neither of you have, you can add them to your registry for when you marry, or purchase them yourself when you get to your new home. If you both have an item, take a picture of it and email it to your spouse-to-be. Have them do the same. Decide which person's item you both like better and put the other one aside to sell or put in storage for the time being.

Keep Items Separated

When your items are moved to your new home, your spouse-to-be's items may become jumbled together with yours rather quickly. To avoid getting confused, designate a separate area for each of your belongings to be housed until you can move them into their permanent location within the home. If you keep your items separate until they are all delivered, you will be able to sort through them much easier.

Create Custom Labels

Use colored index cards to label your belongings by room you wish to place them in. Have your spouse-to-be do the same, with another color. Go through your belongings to find all the items belonging in the kitchen and bring them to that room. Have your spouse-to-be do the same. 

Start by placing all the furniture and then stack all boxes labeled "kitchen" in the room so you can later spend time together decorating the kitchen to your liking. Move on to the next room and repeat the process until all the belongings that you had each had placed in your separate holding areas, are distributed throughout the home. For more information about moving, contact a company like M Dyer & Sons Inc for more information.