5 Ways To Protect The Items You Have In Storage

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5 Ways To Protect The Items You Have In Storage

15 September 2015
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If you have a self storage unit in a facility near you, you will want to know of some of the best ways to protect the items that you have in there, especially if you are storing valuable items. Here are five ways to help protect your belongings in storage:

1. Use Pallets on the Floor: The first thing you want to do is cover the flooring with pallets before you store any of your belongings. This will elevate your items and ensure that your items are protected in the case of a flood. You never know when a flood could potentially happen or something in the unit next door begins to leak. 

2. Install a Sturdy Padlock: Storage facilities generally have sufficient security for your items. However, if you are particularly concerned about theft, then the next thing you want to be sure to use is a sturdy padlock that is really short, which will prevent thieves from being able to cut it open. You should also consider installing a battery powered alarm, especially one that is connected to your cell phone so you can be alerted whenever it is activated. 

You can also contact a professional storage facility like Santa Barbara Mini Storage to see what security amenities they offer.

3. ​Keep Inventory: The next thing you want to be sure that you do is keep track of the items that you have in storage. This will help ensure that you will notice right away if something is missing and will be able to report it to the police as soon as possible. This will also help in having to make an insurance claim. You should also take pictures to keep track of how items appeared when first placed in storage compared to how they appear when any damage has occurred. 

4. Visit Regularly: A common mistake that people make when using a storage facility is only visiting when they need to take something out or put something in. The problem with this is that you may not be visiting enough to check on your items. Be sure to check on your items regularly even if you have no intention of removing an item or placing an item inside. This will ensure that you can check for potentially missing or damaged items. 

5. Cover Items with a Tarp: Another important thing to consider is covering the items in your storage unit with a tarp. This will protect your items from potential roof leaks and it will also keep items covered, making them less visible. 

By knowing some of the ways to protect the items you have in storage, you can be sure that you don't lose some of your more valuable things.