3 Tips On Storing Furniture For The Long Term

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3 Tips On Storing Furniture For The Long Term

1 April 2016
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Are you currently looking for a local self-storage company in your area? Whether you need extra space in your current home or you need somewhere to stash your stuff in between residences, many local moving companies can also provide long-term storage to meet your needs. But while these spaces are likely secure and well-maintained, you should still take steps to help protect your more expensive items, such as your furniture. Here are 3 tips you can use to help ensure that your furniture looks as good the day that it comes out of storage as when it first went in.

Furniture Covers

While it's true that you can just throw an old bed sheet on top of your couch and call it a day, that's not really ideal if you want full protection for your furniture. If you want your furniture to be sealed off from dust and other potential problems, consider investing in a furniture cover. These covers are sometimes sold by the storage facility but can also be found at various furniture or home improvement stores. Whether for your couch or chair, a good furniture cover will provide protection on all sides so that you can store your furniture with confidence.

Beware Of Color Transfer

If the storage space is a tight fit, be cautious about what you store next to any sofa or mattress that you do not have a full furniture cover for. Some materials can transfer color onto your mattress or sofa if left pressed hard up against it for a long period of time. Remember to stand couches and mattresses up vertically to use as much of the storage space as possible and keep your expensive furniture out of harm's way.

Easy With The Tape

If you are storing a bed frame or another piece of furniture that has numerous screws and bolts with it, you may be considering taping the small parts to the frame so that they don't get lost. But if the tape is going to be left on the furniture for a long period of time, you may find that the finish is damaged once you take it off. Instead, put small parts like nuts and bolts into a small bag in the storage facility and label it so you know what the parts are for.

If you are going to put a couch, bed or other expensive items into a furniture storage facility, be smart about how you use the space. Use as much vertical space as possible and don't let any other materials that could transfer color up against your mattress or sofa. A furniture cover that completely encloses your couch or chair is a worthwhile investment. Finally, be careful when storing small parts like nuts and bolts that go with the furniture so that you don't accidentally damage something like your bed frame.

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