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Learning To Love Moving

A few years ago, my employer asked me to move to a new city for work. I was honored that he thought of me, but disappointed to leave behind friends and family members. My anxiety grew when I realized that I would be faced with brand new coworkers and a new office. However, I decided to have a good attitude about it, and you wouldn't believe the difference it made in my life. It changed a drab, depressing move into an exciting change filled with adventure. I want you to check out these articles all about moving and storage. You never know, you might find tips that will make your next transition a breeze.


Tips For Storing Large Furniture Correctly

23 April 2015
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If you are moving out of your house and have to store just about everything in a storage unit, you need to be careful when storing your things, including your large furniture. Below are some tips on how to store the furniture correctly so everything will be in good shape when you get them out. Choosing the Storage Unit Because you are storing large furniture, try to find a unit that you can drive up to, or at least one that is on the ground floor. Read More …

Why You Should Hire A Moving Company For A Local Move

8 April 2015
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If you're upgrading to a bigger house in the area or moving closer to work, it may be tempting to move everything yourself. But there are advantages to just hiring a local moving company, such as Walsh Moving & Storage, to do it for you! Save Time Moving companies often offer comprehensive moving services, including packing boxes, padding corners of large furniture, and of course, loading and unloading the moving truck. Read More …

Managing Two Homes In Two States: How Self Storage Can Help

4 April 2015
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One of the biggest problems with owning a home in one state and buying a home in another is figuring out where your belongings are supposed to go. If you have no intentions of selling the first house, but there are things there that you want to take with you, it is hard to decide that without moving your belongings somewhere in between the two homes. If you plan to sell, but your real estate agent wants your furniture to stay for staging purposes, some of it still has to go into storage to minimize a cluttered look. Read More …

How Storage Auctions Work

30 March 2015
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Storage units are sold off in various cities throughout the country when the owner of unit has failed to pay their storage fees for an extended period of time. Storage auctions can be an extremely lucrative way to find hidden treasures, antiques and collectibles at bargain basement prices. Here is a step by step guide on understanding how storage auctions work. Ownership Of The Contents Since the storage unit are selling off the items of delinquent customers, a lien has been placed on the items and the customers are alerted to pay their bill. Read More …